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  • Peach Kuan Yin Flavored Oolong Tea
    Flavored Oolong Tea

    Peach Goddess

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    aromatic, lingering-finish, peach

    This lightly oxidized Tie Kuan Yin is one of the most famous Chinese oolongs. Known as the Iron Goddess of Mercy, its smooth, lingering flavor is e...

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  • Ti Kuan Yin (Li Li Xiang) Chinese Oolong Tea
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    China Oolong Tea

    Tie Kuan Yin (Li Li Xiang)

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    gently-floral, peach, toasty

    Meaning, "each leaf is fragrant", this lightly oxidized Anxi oolong is roasted to perfection, revealing toasty notes of peaches and white flowers. ...

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