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Zodiac Rabbit Porcelain Tea Figurine

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The Zodiac Rabbit Porcelain Tea Figurine is a beautiful porcelain figurine, used in the traditional tea ceremony. The figurines in the Chinese tea ceremony If you've ever seen the Chinese Gunfu Cha tea ceremony, in China, you've probably noticed that almost every tea tray (Cheban) has a clay figurine — “” (tea animal). It is a small piece of art made of Yixing clay, which is constantly soaked during the tea ceremony as a wish for good luck and luck. In China, tea figurines are worshiped like domestic animals, even if after all, they are small objects made to decorate the tea tray. In some Chinese families, the dragon figurine may mean the energy of the sky and symbolize a connection with the god Tao, and in another family a talisman given by a deceased grandfather, who remembers him and gives his wisdom to the family.