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Tea soul - Yixing Traditional Clay Teapot 250ml

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Yixing clay teapots, called Zi Sha Hu in China or “purple clay” teapots, are perhaps the most famous teapots for making Chinese tea. They are so called because of a small town located in the province of Jiangsu, where a specific compound of iron ore causes the unique coloring of these teapots. They were cooked without glaze and used to prepare specific types of Oolong tea. Capacity of traditional Yixing clay teapot: 250ml A Zisha teapot needs to be seasoned before use, and then to be improved daily. In addition to the simple daily use, it must be constantly rinsed and dried with a soft cloth or a brush or tea brush. Due to the porous nature of the clay, the teapot should be gradually tempered using it to brew a type of tea.