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Brewing Guidelines

View or download our brewing guide here.

We want you to enjoy the perfect cup of tea every time. Perfect brewing requires measuring out the right amount of leaf, heating the water to the precise temperature, and steeping the leaf for the recommended time. By following a few simple guidelines, the leaf will release its character, nuance, and flavor for you to appreciate and enjoy.

White, green, oolong, black, and Puer tea, as well as tisanes, rooibos, and herbal infusions, have specific brewing methods recommended to bring out the best flavor of each. Follow these basic brewing guidelines but feel free to adjust to your taste.

  • Weigh out 2.5-3 grams of tea per 8 oz of water.
  • Choose an infuser that will allow the tea leaves to fully unfurl, which will bring out the true flavor of the tea.
  • Bring freshly drawn cold water to a rolling boil. Do not let the water boil for an extended period of time. For green, white, and oolong tea, let the water cool to the appropriate temperature before pouring over the tea leaves.
  • Pour the water over the leaves and set a timer to let the leaves infuse for the recommended time. Observe the size of the tea leaves. Small broken leaves will brew more quickly than larger whole leaf leaves.
  • To stop the infusion process, remove the leaves from the water. Leaving the tea leaves in the water will make the tea very bitter. White tea is the exception to this.

View or download our brewing guide here.