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lingering finish

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  • Ginger Sencha Flavored Green Tea
    Flavored Green Tea

    Ginger Sencha

    from $ 0.00
    ginger, lingering-finish, smooth

    Pan-fired sencha combines with pungent, yet soothing ginger for an unusually pleasing flavor. Works wonderfully with a touch of honey to enhance th...

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    from $ 0.00
  • Liuan Guapian Chinese Green Tea
    China Green Tea

    Liuan Guapian

    from $ 0.00
    fresh, lingering-finish, vegetal

    Hand-picked and expertly crafted from an exclusive cultivar grown only in Qiyunshan, Anhui Province. Liuan Guapian, or "melon seed" yields a deep y...

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    from $ 0.00
  • Flavored Green Tea

    Mrs. Nesbitt

    from $ 0.00
    ginger, lemony, lingering-finish, smooth

    When Mrs. Nesbitt found herself at a surprise tea party, we think she was enjoying this Darjeeling. Warm ginger and lemony freshness send this Darj...

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    from $ 0.00